Spitakia Cottages in Chios Island

The Spitakia cottages in Chios, Greece, offer an authentic and unforgettable experience of Greek architecture and lifestyle. They provide a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful surroundings, explore nearby beaches, and experience the warm hospitality of George Misetzis and his family.

Led by George Missetzis, a naturalist, orchid taxonomist, mountain guide, and tour guide, Spitakia Cottages transcends ordinary accommodations. Guests are offered an immersive experience that delves into the mesmerizing natural landscapes and profound cultural tapestry of Chios.

spitakia cottages in avgonima chios greece

The houses, with their blend of traditional architecture and modern comforts, along with the natural beauty of Chios, make Spitakia Cottages a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the true essence of Greece. These restored houses are furnished with well-kept wooden furniture, fully equipped kitchens, and modern amenities such as TV and air conditioning, offering guests a comfortable stay.

Spitakia Cottages prides itself on providing exceptional service where the staff’s dedication to comfort and enjoyment is paramount. Our cottages are pet friendly and we welcome dogs for a small daily fee.

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Adventure and Discovery

Step out the door into the tranquil charm of Chios, where quiet walks take you through timeless ancient buildings and into the heart of medieval villages. Here the night sky, undisturbed by street lights, reveals a tapestry of stars. Local tavernas offer authentic Chios cuisine and expertly grilled meats, capturing the culinary spirit of the island.

The rugged beauty of Chios’ terrain becomes accessible through curated hikes led by the experienced mountain guide, Mr. Missetzis. These excursions offer not only visual splendor, but also insights into the island’s geological, historical and cultural narratives.

As a tour guide, Mr. Missetzis opens a window to the soul of the island, guiding guests through its historic landmarks, idyllic villages, and the workshops of local artisans. This journey is enhanced by tastings of the region’s gastronomy and exquisite wines, deepening the connection to Chios’ heritage.

Flora and Fauna

Chios’ biodiversity, especially its abundance of wildflowers and orchids, is presented through the knowledgeable eyes of an expert taxonomist. Visitors are offered a unique opportunity to explore and understand the rich variety of plant life that thrives on the island. Join us in the embrace of the mountains, explore a rich variety of orchids and gather herbs against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

orchids in chios greece

The village of Avgonima in Chios Island

Avgonima, an old castle village in Chios, is a testimony to the rich history of Chios island. The village was founded by the workers who built the Nea Moni Monastery in the 11th century AD. The houses in the village, made of stone with small windows, were designed to withstand the pirate raids that were prevalent at the time. Despite its historical significance, the village’s population dwindled over time, threatening its heritage.

However, thanks to the efforts of George Misetzis, the village has been revitalized. Misetzis has restored traditional houses, apartments and rooms in Avgonima, preserving the folk architecture of the place.

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Website: https://www.spitakia.gr/

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