Parnassos Ski Center

Nestled on the majestic Mt. Parnassos near Delphi, Greece, Parnassos Ski Center stands as a premier ski destination in Greece. Since its inception in 1976, the resort has consistently attracted ski enthusiasts for its impressive features and amenities, making it a must-visit destination for ski enthusiasts worldwide.

parnassos ski center
Kellaria Ski Station, Parnassos, Greece. Photo by RobW / flickr

Exceptional Terrain, Slopes and Scenic Views

The resort is divided into two primary zones: Kelaria and Fterolakas, with an extensive network of ski trails.

With 21 slopes, 7 ski routes, 5 connecting trails and 4 mini slopes with baby lifts, totaling 34 kilometers, the resort caters to all levels. The slopes begin at 2,260 meters and descend to 1,640 meters, with runs ranging from 300 meters to 4 kilometers in length.

Skiers can enjoy breathtaking views of the Gulf of Corinth and the Euboean Gulf, adding to the uniqueness of the experience.

State of the Art Facilities

Mt. Parnassos Ski Resort has undergone significant upgrades. A major overhaul in 2014 introduced modern, releasable lifts in both the Kelaria and Fterolaka zones. A subsequent upgrade in December 2015 replaced older lifts in Fterolakas with modern equipment, taking the skiing experience to new heights.

Prime Location and Advanced Skiing

Operating from December to April, the resort is strategically located just a two-hour drive from Athens, making it an ideal destination for both local and international visitors.

The resort also offers challenging off-piste “black” runs and a snow fun park at Kellaria for the more adventurous. Four of the slopes are International Ski Federation certified for international competitions, demonstrating the resort’s commitment to providing quality, challenging skiing experiences.

Comprehensive services and safety

To ensure a comfortable and safe skiing experience, Mt. Parnassos Ski Resort offers ski passes, equipment rentals and ski lessons. Each run is detailed with name, elevation, length, and degree of difficulty to assist skiers in their selection. Safety is paramount, with emergency services and strict safety protocols in place, backed by a Tourist Infrastructure Operation Certification.

Its blend of diverse slopes, modern facilities, breathtaking scenery and easy accessibility make it an unrivaled destination for ski enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the thrill of skiing at Mount Parnassos – where adventure meets beauty.


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