Marathea Farm ecotourism in Peloponnese Greece

Marathea Farm ecotourism in Peloponnese Greece is close to Marathea Village, between the forest, mountains and the sea. At Marathea Farm you will find the other face of Greece; the eco-tourism Greece of nature, culture, creativity and inspiration. The accommodation is in traditional style but equipped with all modern facilities, including disabled access. It has eight twin-bedded studios, all with shower and kitchenette with fridge so you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Marathea Farm produces organic olive oil, wine and honey by traditional methods and these are included in our menus. We offer a range of courses from seminars on harvesting olives and producing oil to Zen meditation, there is something to suit everyone. We have a courtesy bus which can take you to the beautiful beach nearby or you can take advantage of the position of Marathea Farm in the stunning Greek countryside for hiking or just enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.


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