Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports

In 1930, the Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports, known as ΕΟΧΑ, was established. It originated from the merger of the first Greek mountaineering associations, the Mountaineering Club of Athens (founded in 1928) and the Mountaineering Club of Patras (founded in 1929). From its inception, ΕΟΧΑ garnered support from eleven sports clubs in major Greek cities.

During its early years, ΕΟΧΑ counted among its members eleven sports clubs from significant cities like Thessaloniki, Volos, Aegio, Serres, Chania, Kalavryta, Kozani, Tripoli, Larisa, and more. This widespread support contributed significantly to the growth of winter sports in Greece.

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Brief Overview of Winter Sports in Greece

Winter sports in Greece may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of this sunny nation. However, the history of winter sports here dates back to the late 1920s. Greeks returning from abroad introduced skiing to their homeland, bringing with them the experience and the first pairs of skis. Even before that, adventurous young Greeks in mountain villages were experimenting with makeshift skis, gliding on frozen lakes, such as Lake Kastoria.

The arrival of skiing in Greece marked a turning point in the nation’s recreational activities. It opened up a world of possibilities in the snowy regions of the country. While skiing initially gained popularity among the well-informed few, it soon expanded to a wider audience. Read more: Skiing in Greece & Ski Resorts

In the early years, skiing as a sport was primarily concentrated in major cities, with a limited number of enthusiasts. However, after World War II, winter sports experienced a resurgence, and it became a comprehensive sport for athletes of all ages. This resurgence was not just limited to urban areas; it spread to remote mountain villages where skiing became a way of life for some.

Contribution to the Creation of Greek Skiing Units

In the 1930s, ΕΟΧΑ played a pioneering role in the formation of the first Greek skiing units within the armed forces. This initiative helped integrate skiing into the country’s military and paved the way for broader acceptance of the sport.

Key Milestones of Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports

Organization of the First Greek Skiing Championships

One of ΕΟΧΑ’s early achievements was the organization of the first Greek Skiing Championships, which took place in 1932. This event marked a significant step in formalizing the sport in Greece.

Greek Representation at Winter Olympics

From 1936 onward, Greek athletes consistently represented the country at the Winter Olympics. Their participation in these global events showcased Greece’s commitment to winter sports.

Legal Protection of National Forests

ΕΟΧΑ played a pivotal role in the legislative protection of Greece’s national forests. This action helped preserve the natural environment in which winter sports thrived.

Founding of the Nature Protection Society

In 1951, ΕΟΧΑ contributed to the establishment of the Nature Protection Society, highlighting its commitment to environmental conservation alongside sports development.

International Engagement and Recognition

Hosting Major International Winter Sports Events

Greece, with the support of ΕΟΧΑ, has hosted significant international winter sports events. The 1985 Balkan Games on Mount Parnassos and the 1989 World Cup of endurance races for non-alpine countries and athletes in the 3-5 Pefki area were standout moments. These events earned the title “Mini Olympics” and were praised by the International Ski Federation.

ΕΟΧΑ’s Role in Global Skiing Organizations

ΕΟΧΑ has actively participated in global skiing organizations, contributing to the development of winter sports on an international level. The federation’s efforts have strengthened Greece’s presence in the global winter sports community.

ΕΟΧΑ’s Transformation and Name Change

Transformation into Greek Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΟΧ)

In 1977, the Hellenic Mountaineering Federation (ΕΟΣ) underwent a transformation and was renamed the Greek Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΟΧ). This change reflected the federation’s evolving focus on winter sports.

Name Change to Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΧΑ)

In 1983, for organizational and administrative reasons, ΕΟΟΧ was divided into two independent sports federations: the Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΧΑ) and the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering Clubs (ΕΟΟΣ). ΕΟΧΑ continued to foster the growth of winter sports in Greece.

ΕΟΧΑ Today: A Comprehensive Overview

Today, the Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΧΑ) manages a wide array of Olympic sports, including alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, figure skating, speed skating, and ice hockey. The federation has cultivated a strong talent pool and consistently competes at the international level.

ΕΟΧΑ’s Management of Olympic Winter Sports

ΕΟΧΑ’s commitment to Olympic winter sports has led to the development of promising athletes who have represented Greece on the global stage.

Development of Promising Athletes

The federation’s continuous efforts have resulted in the development of promising athletes who compete at thehighest levels of international winter sports competitions.

Hosting International Sporting Events in Greece

ΕΟΧΑ has played a vital role in organizing various international sporting events in Greece. These events not only showcase Greece as a winter sports destination but also contribute to the growth of the sport within the country.


In conclusion, the Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports (ΕΟΧΑ) has had a profound impact on the development of winter sports in Greece. From its early days to its current standing, ΕΟΧΑ has continuously strived to promote winter sports in the country and on the global stage. Its commitment to athlete development, environmental protection, and international engagement has made it a beacon of winter sports excellence in Greece.

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