Bungee Jumping In Korinthos, Peloponnese

Zulu Bungy in Korinthos, Peloponnese, is based in Korinthos Canal. Zulu bungee team uses the bridge of Korinthos for their scheduled bungee activities from April to October after reservation. Zulu΄ aim is to provide excellent jump quality as well as an absolute smooth jump enjoyment. For achieving their aims the team currently uses a variety of bungee cords for each corresponding weight. Each cord used by Zulu Bungy is created exclusively by the team in full accordance with New Zealand and German safety standards. The cords are basically controlled every 10 jumps, and they are replaced at 200 jumps. Anybody with a normal health condition from the age of 14 years can experience the ultimate experience of bungee jumping.

Website: http://www.zulubungy.com/

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