Greek gyros or gyro, recipes for Greek gyros

Greek Gyros or gyro

Gyros is a rotisserie meat, or the pita sandwich it is usually found in. In addition to the meat, there are also various salads and sauces inside the pita. The most common fillings are tomato, cucumber and onions.

The gyros is similar to the Turkish doner kebab, being meat roasted in vertically rotating cones from which slices are cut. Gyros and souvlaki are sometimes used as interchangeable terms in Greece although they refer to two different dishes.

The world’s largest gyros

giant gyros in Patras GreeceA Patras taverna owner has attempted to set a new world record by making a giant gyros, which will weigh 1,850 kilos. Approximately 150kg of spices and 100kg of salt went into adding taste to the gyros. The structure to roast the gyros meat involves a 1.73-meter stainless steel skewer surrounded by 72 grills and powered by a 4-horsepower motor. A 2-ton natural gas tank will provide the fuel for the effort, which should see Kostas Dasios enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

The current record for the largest gyros was set in Cyprus by Lebanese restaurateur Sami Eid, who cooked an 1,814-kilo gyros made from 2,150 chickens.

On the way to his record-breaking effort, Kostas Dasios sliced the gyros pork meat into 100-gram servings and handed it out to passers-by in Patras’ harbor.

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