Greek Society for Music Education (GSME)

The Greek Society for Music Education (GSME) is a non-profit organization based in Greece that focuses on the advancement of music education both as a scientific field and as a practice. Founded in March 1997, the Society has been continuously working on various projects and activities aimed at deepening our understanding of music and its role in various aspects of life.

gsme, Greek Society for Music Education


The main goal of GSME is to promote and support music education in Greece. The Society works to develop music education as a scientifically sound field. It actively collaborates with local and international universities, music education foundations, social organizations and governmental bodies to achieve its goals.

History and Milestones

GSME was a National Affiliate of ISME (International Society for Music Education) (link) for Greece from 1998 to 2018. Since 2018, it is a founding member of the Council of Professional Associations of ISME. In addition, since 2020, GSME has been collaborating with the British branch of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA-UK).

Over the years the Society has achieved several milestones:

  • Organized 7 webinars, 80 seminars/workshops, 20 lectures and several conferences.
  • Implemented educational programs such as “Melodic City” and “The Strings narrate… stories for children”.
  • Hosted the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education in 2012.

Publications by GSME

The Society has a rich history of publishing resources that serve both practitioners and scholars in the field. Since 1998, GSME has published an annual journal, Music Education, which provides practical teaching ideas and lesson plans.

In 2004, the Society began publishing a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Musical Pedagogics. In addition, GSME has published a number of books on topics ranging from music curriculum to music libraries.

Membership Benefits

Members of GSME have access to a wealth of resources available at the Society’s headquarters in Thessaloniki. These include a well-stocked library of books, journals, videotapes, CDs and CD-ROMs on music education. All these resources are available free of charge to members.

Contact Information

Address: 51 Proxenou Koromila Street, Thessaloniki


Those interested can contact the GSME by email at [email protected]. Physical visits to the offices and library can be arranged every Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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