ATM Cashpoints in Greece

Foreign visitors can now start their summer holidays in Greece and the Greek islands with a wallet or purse empty of money, as long as it contains a cashpoint card.

The rest is the responsibility of the DIAS SA Interbank System, connecting over 6,680 cashpoints belonging to 35 banks in every corner of the country.

The DIAS ATM System connects all bank cashpoint networks, allowing bank customers to withdraw cash from any ATM of any bank using their card and PIN number.

Customers can withdraw up to 600 euros a day using the DIAS Interbank System. If using your card in a cashpoint belonging to the bank which issued it, the limit rises to 1,200 euros. These transactions can be realised using the card and PIN number issued by the bank.

If you withdraw money from a cashpoint belonging to the bank which issued your card, there is no extra charge. If using different cashpoint, however, there is a charge ranging from 1.5 to about 4 euros, depending on the amount withdrawn and each bank’s charging policy.

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