Greek Magazines and Newspapers

An updated list with online Greek magazines and newspapers. Each newspaper or magazine has its unique characteristics and target audience, offering a diverse range of perspectives and content.

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Greek Newspapers Online

APOPSI is focused on in-depth analysis and opinion pieces, appealing to readers interested in detailed political and social commentary. Website

AVGI, Known for its left-wing stance, it caters to readers who align with progressive and socialist views. Website

TO VIMA, A historic newspaper with a centrist-liberal orientation, appealing to a broad spectrum of readers. Website

VRADYNI, Conservative in its approach, it attracts readers who prefer traditional, right-wing perspectives. Website

DIMOKRATIA, Known for its nationalist and populist views, targeting a conservative audience. Website

DROMOS TIS ARISTERAS, Appeals to leftist and anti-capitalist readers, focusing on alternative political narratives. Website

EPOCHI, A left-wing publication attracting readers interested in social justice and labor issues. Website

ETHNOS, A mainstream newspaper with a centrist stance, popular among a general audience. Website

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS, Conservative and pro-market, appealing to center-right readers. Website

ESTIA, One of the oldest newspapers in Greece, known for its conservative and cultural content. Website

EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON, A left-leaning paper, it attracts readers who value independent journalism and social commentary. Website

KATHIMERINI, Renowned for its quality journalism, it appeals to educated and affluent readers with a centrist-liberal perspective. Website

KARFI, Focuses on investigative journalism, appealing to readers interested in in-depth reporting. Website

CAPITAL, A financial newspaper catering to professionals in the business and economic sectors. Website

O LOGOS, Targets a broad audience with a focus on general news and current events. Website

NAFTEMPORIKI, Specializes in economic and financial news, appealing to business professionals and investors. Website

TA NEA, A popular daily with a centrist perspective, appealing to a wide range of readers. Website

PARAPOLITIKA, Focuses on political news and commentary, attracting readers interested in the political landscape. Website

Paraskhnio, a Greek newspaper known for its political coverage and insightful commentary. It’s popular among readers interested in behind-the-scenes political news and analysis. Site

To Paron, a long-standing newspaper in Greece, offers comprehensive news on current events, politics, and social issues. It appeals to a broad audience seeking in-depth reporting and diverse perspectives. Site

To Pontiki, renowned for its satirical and critical approach to news, this newspaper is a favorite among those who appreciate humor and critique in journalism. Site

Prin, known for its leftist orientation, this paper is dedicated to providing news and opinions from a progressive perspective, attracting a politically and socially conscious readership. Site

Rizospastis, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Greece, is a key source for news and views from a communist perspective, catering to readers aligned with or interested in leftist ideologies. Site

Proto Thema, a widely read Sunday newspaper in Greece, offers a mix of news, features, and entertainment. Its broad appeal lies in its diverse content that ranges from serious news to lifestyle and culture. Site

Fileleftheros, a newspaper that provides comprehensive coverage of national and international news, with a focus on political and economic analysis. It targets readers who seek detailed and serious news reporting. Site

Agrenda, focused on agriculture news and trends, this publication is the go-to source for farmers and anyone interested in Greek agriculture and rural life. Site

Athens Voice, known for its urban and contemporary take on news, culture, and lifestyle, it appeals to a young and urban demographic interested in arts, culture, and city life. Site

Axianews, covering a wide range of topics including politics, economy, and society, this newspaper caters to readers seeking comprehensive news and analysis. Site

Documento, known for investigative journalism and political news, it’s popular among readers who appreciate in-depth analysis and reports on current affairs. Site

Espresso, a newspaper focusing on celebrity news, gossip, and entertainment, attracting a readership interested in lighter, more sensational news stories. Site

Free Sunday, offering a mix of news, opinion, and entertainment, this newspaper appeals to a wide audience with its variety of content. Site

Kontra News, presenting news and opinions with an alternative perspective, it attracts readers who are looking for news outside of the mainstream media narrative. Site

Lifo, popular among the youth and those interested in urban culture, arts, and entertainment, this paper offers a fresh perspective on everyday news. Site

Real News, providing a blend of political, economic, and lifestyle news, this newspaper appeals to readers who seek comprehensive coverage of current events. Site

Sports Newspapers

Fos ton Spor, a popular sports newspaper in Greece, covers a wide range of sports, attracting a diverse readership of sports fans. Site

Ora gia Spor, primarily focused on sports news and updates, it is a favorite among those who follow various sports closely. Facebook

Live Sport, covering all major sports events and news, this publication is geared towards a general sports-loving audience. Facebook

Sportday, offering extensive coverage of sports news, especially football, basketball, and athletics, it’s popular among sports aficionados. Facebook

local newspapers in greece

Regional Newspapers in Greece

Aggelioforos, post and read classified ads online. Website

Anexartitos Typos, A Pireas-based newspaper offering news and insights primarily focused on local developments and community events. Website

Dimokratiki, Based in Rhodes, this newspaper provides news and perspectives relevant to the local community and broader regional issues. Website

Eleftheria (Larissa), Focused on Larissa and surrounding regions, this publication covers a range of topics from local news to national affairs. Website

Enimerosi, A Kerkyra-based newspaper that delivers news and information relevant to the island of Corfu and its inhabitants. Website

Evdomi, Operating from Kavala, this newspaper provides news coverage and analysis with a focus on local and regional issues. Website

Evrytanika Nea, A local newspaper in Karpenissi, offering news and stories pertinent to the Evrytania region. Website

Haniotika Nea, A Chania-based publication that provides comprehensive coverage of news and events in Chania and across Crete. Website

Imerisia Veroias, This Veroia-based newspaper covers a wide range of topics including local news, culture, and sports. Website

Nea Drasis, Based in Heraklion, Crete, this publication covers local news, cultural events, and other topics of interest to the community. Website

Nea Kriti, A Heraklion-based newspaper that offers a mix of local news, cultural insights, and entertainment, connected to Crete TV. Website

Patra News, A Patra-based newspaper that offers news and insights with a focus on the Peloponnese region. Website

Proinos Logos, A daily newspaper from Ioannina, covering local, national, and international news with a focus on Epirus region. Website

Rodiaki, A Rodos-based newspaper, offering a blend of local, national, and international news, along with cultural and sports content. Website

Greek Magazines

greek magazines

Updated list of online Greek magazines:, News, People, Entertainment, Urban Culture & Athens in an innovative way., Website of Flight & Space magazine, the oldest monthly aviation and defense magazine., Covers scene, theatre, music, clubs & bars, restaurant, night live, arts, city life, child, TV., Greek edition of Marie Claire, covering women’s fashion, style, aesthetics, beauty, women’s issues, relationships., One of the oldest Free Press in Greece, initially a film magazine, now pioneering in diverse content., an English language magazine that aims to inform and entertain those who wish to learn more about Crete., All about Glam, Style, Celebrities in Cyprus, Greece, and the World., Official website of Shape magazine, focusing on healthy eating, diets, and weight loss tips., Klik magazine., Andro – The Man from the beginning, a men’s magazine covering various topics., Online edition of Madame Figaro – Fashion, Beauty, Contemporary Life, Culture, Design, Gastronomy for Women., Website of creators of art, speech, and culture., Site of the monthly magazine, Official website of RUNNER, the first running magazine in Greece., ELLE women’s magazine, covering Fashion, beauty, nutrition, decoration, art, zodiac signs., Website of the gay magazine Antivirus launched in 2003., A free press magazine for parents., Online car magazine, covering new models, presentations, tests, comparisons, and more., Web presence of Marketing Week magazine, Daily Fax e-newsletter, and Digital., The e-magazine for architecture., Online magazine with varied material and original daily updated articles., Online portal of Parents & Action magazine, offering comprehensive information on parenting issues., Creativity Magazine celebrates creativity in various forms, catering to those passionate about creative expression., An authoritative online magazine focused on outdoor activities like running and cycling., Sectoral magazine of the aluminium industry, highlighting developments in this dynamic sector., Daily online magazine with updates from Southern Crete., Online magazine for children and mothers, providing information, suggestions, and advice., Contains news and updates about Euboea., a magazine covering various topics., Focused on presenting journalism in its essential form.

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