Free Internet in Greece & Wi-Fi hotspots

In Greece, there are several ways to access free internet, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile providers, and government initiatives.

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Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Many public spaces in Greece offer free Wi-Fi, including popular cafes, restaurants, and public spaces. Some of the most popular places with free Wi-Fi in Greece include the Acropolis Museum, the Santorini Cable Car, and the famous Plaka in Athens. Additionally, many hotels and cafes across Greece offer free Wi-Fi to tourists.

In Athens, the Municipality has set up 11 new free public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city as part of the European Commission’s WiFi4EU initiative. These hotspots are strategically placed throughout the city and span across all the popular neighborhoods:

  • Syntagma Square
  • Lycabettus Hill
  • Iroon Square (the small square of Psyrri)
  • Kotzia Square (near Omonoia)
  • Serafeio Athletic & Community Complex
  • Municipal Library of Athens (on Domokou 2)
  • City of Athens Cultural Center (on Akadimias 50)
  • Karamanou Square (right next to Psyrri)
  • 1st Cemetary of Athens (in Pagkrati)
  • Victoria Square
  • 22 Liosion street

Mobile Providers

There are three main mobile operators in Greece: Nova, Cosmote, and Vodafone. While these providers do not offer free internet, they do offer affordable prepaid SIM cards and e-SIM card plans. Especially in July and August, cell phone companies have special offers even with unlimited data. You can check the companies’ websites and buy the offers at one of the many shops throughout Greece.

WiFi Map eSIM Services

WiFi Map offers innovative eSIM solutions for travelers visiting Greece, ensuring seamless and affordable internet connectivity. This service is especially beneficial for those looking to stay connected without the hassle of traditional SIM cards. An eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is a digital SIM that allows you to access network services without a physical SIM card. This technology is ideal for travelers as it simplifies staying connected across different countries.

Key Features of WiFi Map eSIM for Greece

Data Plans and Coverage
WiFi Map provides various data plans tailored to different needs, all offering 4G/LTE coverage:

  • 10 GB at $2.99/GB ($29.99 total)
  • 5 GB at $3.99/GB ($19.95 total)
  • 3 GB at $4.49/GB ($13.47 total)
  • 1 GB at $4.99/GB

Each plan is valid for 30 days and available in over 70 countries, including Greece.

Navigate with Google Maps without Internet

Using Google Maps offline is a convenient feature, especially when traveling in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get the App: Download Google Maps from your app store.
  2. Initial Internet Connection: Connect to Wi-Fi to prepare for offline use.
  3. Find Your Location: Search and select your desired area.
  4. Download: Tap the place’s info, then choose “Download offline map”.
  5. Customize Area: Adjust the download area to fit your needs.

Once downloaded, you can use Google Maps in offline mode to navigate within the downloaded area. You can search for specific places, get directions, and find information about businesses and attractions within this area. Maps auto-expire after 30 days for updated content but will auto-renew with Wi-Fi.

Free Wifi at the Athens International Airport

Upon arrival at Athens Airport and after baggage collection, one of the immediate conveniences you will experience is the availability of online communication to update your loved ones. The airport facilitates this need efficiently.

Strategically positioned across the airport are 22 designated “Internet Access Points,” offering complimentary internet access for a duration of 15 minutes. Additionally, the airport provides an extensive free wi-fi service, known as “ATH Free Wi-Fi,” accessible throughout the premises.

Government Initiatives

The Greek government has implemented a program to provide public Wi-Fi in many popular tourist areas across the country. This initiative, known as WiFi4EU, has granted 312 out of 326 municipalities a EUR 15,000 voucher to install hotspots, meaning that 96% of the eligible entities in the country will benefit from free public connectivity.

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