Veria Football Team

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Veria Football Team

Veria F.C. Foundation: 1960

Veria F.C. Team Colors: Blue & Red

Veria F.C. Stadium: Municipal Stadium of Veria ( Capacity: 9,300)

Veria F.C. History

Veria Football Team was founded in the mid-1960 from the merger of two local teams, Vermio and Hermes. It made its first appearance in the Second Division championships in 1962-63, when it won sixth place. After four years in the Second Division, the club won 1st place and stepped up to the First Division! It has since been known as the “Queen of the North”.

Veria football team remained in the First Division for three years, was relegated in 1968-69 and promoted again the very next year! The club has kept switching between the two top divisions ever since. In 2007 Veria football team was promoted to the First Division once more.

The Municipal Stadium of Veria is on the east side of the city (about 10 minutes from the centre). It was built in 1925 with the personal labour of members of the “Alexander the Great” Music and Gymnastic Association. After the dissolution of the association in 1950, the stadium passed into the ownership of the General Secretariat for Sport. Today the capacity of the stadium, after work undertaken in summer 2005 to install seating in every tier and the construction of the new section (Gate 6), has fallen to about 6,000 seated.

The ticket sales record was in 1970 for the Second Division Veria-Doxa Dramas match. On 6/4/1997 at the Veria-PAOK match there were over 12,000 spectators, but they far exceeded the actual ticket sales!

The Municipal Stadium of Veria has a covered tier (the west tier), whose roof was constructed in summer 1997, while an electronic scoreboard was installed the following year. There are seats in all tiers and electric lighting (the stadium lights were installed in November 2005).

Veria Football CLub owns a private sports centre with two full-sized football fields with seating and lighting, and a modern hostel with many facilities for its players. The private football fields are used for training by Veria football team.

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