Larissa Football Team Of Thessaly

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AEL Football Team:
Athletic Union Of Larissa

AEL FC Foundation: 1964

AEL FC Team Colors: Crimson & White

AEL FC Stadium: Alkazar (Capacity: 13,108)

Larissa Football Team History

Larissa football team is well known as the “Queen of Thessaly” due to its big achievements, which gave her a special place in the history of the greek football.

Larissa football team was founded on the 17th of May 1964 after the union of four local teams – Larisaikos, Iraklis, Aris and Toxotis – a decision to serve the vision of the creation of a strong football club, in order to represent the city of Larissa in the top divisions of the greek football.

The club’ s name in Greek (AEL – Athlitiki Enosi Larissas) represents this idea, since it is translated as Atletic Union of Larissa. It’s colours were decided to be crimson and white. For the emblem was used the galloping horse – the symbol of the city – due to its tradition since the ancients years.

Alkazar Stadium is the Home of Larissa football team since the club foundation. The capacity is 13.108 seats, as it was configured after the latest ameliorative works in 2005.

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