Iraklis football team of Thessaloniki

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Iraklis Football Team

Iraklis F.C. Foundation: 1908

Iraklis F.C. Team Colors: Blue & White

Iraklis F.C. Stadium: Kaftantzoglio (Capacity: 28,028 )

Iraklis Football Team Histotry

The history of the Iraklis Club begins in 1899, when the Club of the «Fans of the Arts» was created. The Club was not a sporting one, but rather one of literature and music. In 1903, the members of the Club decided to include sports with their activities. They created a gym and founded the department of swimming and cycling. However, it was football, a new sport of that era that «stole» the athletes’ hearts.

Iraklis football team colors, light blue and white, vividly resemble of the official Greek colours. Iraklis football team is undividedly united to the city history and it is suffice to say that many great football players and then special city personalities have worn the historical football shirt with the emblem of the «semigod» on their chest.

Since the football club of Iraklis was founded football stared gaining in popularity throughout Greece. During the first Greek Championship Games after the War, Iraklis football team made many victories and was a model-team for that era.

The stadium of Iraklis football club, which was built on the 27th October 1960, and now counts fourty years of life.
The name of the stadium was taken after Lysimachos Kaftantzoglou, who worshipped Thessaloniki and left his whole fortune to the city.

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