Atromitos Football Team of Athens

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Atromitos Football Team

Atromitos F.C. Foundation: 1923

Atromitos F.C. Team Colors: Blue & White

Atromitos F.C. Stadium :Municipal Stadium of Peristeri ( Capacity: 10,200 )

Atromitos Football Team History

The history of Atromitos began 82 years ago when the club was officially founded in May 1923.

There had been a league however, since 1920, and that was when Kalomvounis, Petos, Glykofridis, Stathopoulos, Synodinos, Rigopoulos, Stamatopoulos and other students who lived in Victoria Square (which was then called kyriakou Square), decided to realise a crazy dream and form their own football team.

In 1923, Vaggelis Stamatis, the teacher of maths and an old member of the Panhellenic football League, joined the administration board of Atromitos.

At this time Stamatis was one of the big names of pre-war Greek football history, and his appearance in combination with the organised effort of several friends or fans of football who lived in Victoria square, made the team very important to Athenian football and very attractive to the league of Athens.

The most distinguished year for Atromitos football team was 1928 when they were declared champions of Athens, beating Goudi 4-3 in the final game in the stadium of Rouf. As champions of Athens they took part in the first Panhellenic championship which was organised in 1928 by Greek Football Federation.

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