Aris Thessalonikis Football Team History

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Aris Football Team

Aris F.C. Foundation: 1914

Aris F.C. Team Colors: Yellow & Black

Aris F.C. Stadium:Kleamthis Vikelithis (Charilaou ) ( Capacity: 22,800 )

Aris Thessalonikis Football Team History

In a café in the Votsi district on the 25th of March 1914, a company of 22 people decided to establish a football club. The first dilemma they faced concerned its name. Its founders opted for a name that was divine, full of grandeur and majesty, a name that would inspire awe.

Thus begun the history of Aris, who soon begun to dominate football in Thessaloniki and became one of the most powerful football clubs in Greece.

The actualization of this idea came 5 months later, in August 1914. The football team soon became very popular in Thessaloniki, who saw in Aris a powerful and healthy football club that possessed all the qualities necessary to exploit the athletic ideal and promote, all around Greece, not only itself but Thessaloniki in general.

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