Apollon Kalamarias Football Team History

apollon kalamarias football team logo

Apollon Kalamarias Football Team

Apollon Kalamarias F.C. Foundation: 1926

Apollon Kalamarias F.C. Team Colors: Red & Black

Apollon Kalamarias F.C. Stadium: National
Kaftanzoglio Stadium
( Capacity: 6,500 )

Apollon Kalamarias Football Team History

The birth of Apollon Kalamarias was In January 1926.Habitants of Kalamaria, had the idea to establish a music association in order to avoid povrty and hunger. Firstly, the members of association were practising mandolin and guitar. After a while, their fame began to grow and they took, also, part in events. Emblem of association was, of course, the god of music, Apollo. After a short period, they created theatrical – artistic department as well as athletic departments.

The color of Apollon Kalamarias football team logo: Red symbolizes the blood of thousands of emigrants who lost their life in Pontus. The black colour symbolizes the mourning, the violent expatriation, the homelands and the persons who were lost.

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