Waterhoppers Diving Schools Diving In Rhodes, Greece

Waterhoppers Diving School is located in Rhodes, Greece. For scuba diving beginners we offer a “discover scuba diving” course that lasts for one day. All training is given by our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team of multi-lingual instructors. After completing the first course yo can attend PADI certification courses: PADI scuba diver courses, that give you a license to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 12 meters, after that there is a PADI open water diver course that gives you a license to dive up to 18m. If you are a certified advanced open water diver you can continue the courses to acquire the: PADI rescue diver and the diver master license. Apart from the diving courses we also offer you snorkelling programs in the beautiful warm waters of Kallithea beach. Snorkelling is easy and you will have fun. We also organize diving excursions in Kallithea underwater where you will be amazed by the large variety of marine life in Rhodes.

Website: http://www.waterhoppers.com

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