Viglatoras traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Viglatoras traditional houses in Macedonia Greece is situated in Ano Poroia, a charming village at the foot of the mountains close to the border with Bulgaria, with sweeping views over Lake Kerkini. Something happens to you when you arrive at Viglatoras, and Stergios and his wife Filly invite you into their cosy living room. It could be the genuine warmth in their welcome, the roaring fireplace in the winter or the pot of tea or even simply their choice of music. Whatever it is you instantly sense that you have come to a wonderful place and feel blissfully at home. Bliss continues once you see your bedroom. All are done in an elegant traditional style, and manage to combine the intimate atmosphere typical of a guesthouse with the comfort you usually only find in luxurious hotels. Breakfast in a way offers that same combination with personal service and the outstanding quality of the traditional pies, warm bread with marmalades, perfectly boiled eggs, home-baked cakes and fresh juice.


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