Vicky Villa-Apartments

VILLA VICKY is situated in the town of Limenas Hersonisou, Crete, 25 km from Heraklio and very close to the traditional settling of Koutouloufari.
Villa Vicky has 37 apartments surrounded by benjamins, magnolias, rosebushes, hibiscuses, yuccas, vinearbours, jasmines and more of trees and plants. The amazing gardens surrounding the apartments have a magnificent beauty and freshness, with all colors and scents of flowers giving the guest a special feeling. All the apartments have view to the sea and the mountain, with balconies in the front and the back and they are fully equipped. Villa Vicky also has a swimming pool and a play ground. We also provide you with taxi, doctor, exchange, cars and bikes rentals and sun beds & umbrellas whenever you need them.


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