Toumba organic farm ecotourism in Lesvos Greece

Toumba organic farm in Lesvos Greece. Our company aim is to preserve the natural environment in the area of Milies and we offer guided tours to those interested in seeing the ecological work we are engaged in. These tours can be on horseback, by mountain bike or on foot. Volunteers are welcome to help us look after the environment and to assist with work on the farm. Other volunteer activities include path clearing, spring maintenance, and rebuilding the drystone walls and terraces. Milies houses the headquarters of the association for the preservation of deserted villages, which works to look after all aspects of the local environment. The paths in the area were the main communication roads between villages and olive groves. By clearing these paths which lead to fountains, country houses (damia), mountain villages and small churches, we hope to provide on ecologically sound means of getting closer to nature for tourists to visit and appreciate the natural beauty of this area.


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