Thira Wedding in Greece

Thira Wedding in Greece is a team of wedding planning experts based in Santorini. We are the first to choose from others because we have been organizing weddings on the island for many years. It’s a Santorini family owned business and we love organizing all kind of weddings and ceremonies. Santorini is a wonderful place for your wedding destination and can be designed to fit any budget. We will plan your wedding using the best locations with famous volcano views and the magnificent Caldera as a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Our wedding experts are available all year round to assist you with all the necessary details to make your wedding dream come true. If you have questions about honeymoon packages, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, tours or volcano cruises we are ready to assist you with the best deals and prices. Our wedding managers Vasiliki or Anna are prompt to answer all your questions and will ensure that all your wishes are met for a memorable wedding in Greece.


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