Thanasis Farm Horse Riding In Paros, Cyclades Island

Thanasis Farm Horse Riding In Paros, Cyclades Island, is located in the rural area of Ambelas, close to the main village of Naoussa, Paros. We offer riding lessons for all ages and levels with experienced instructors. Our priority is safety and well-being of both horse and riders. Thanasis, the owner, can train your new horse to be ready for easy riding and communication, whether the rider is a child or an experienced adult. He can also train your horse to overcome any specific behavior problems there may be, like kicking, unrest etc., always using the Liberty Training Method, which encompasses building trust and confidence in the horse through bonding and positive reinforcement in a free setting. Absolutely no violence is used. Thanasis Farm offers a variety of rides allowing you to experience the diverse beauty and scenery of Paros. Traveling on horseback allows us the unique opportunity to visit some places accessible only by horse or on foot.


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