Thalatta Kalamitsi Camping In Halkidiki, Northern Greece

Thalatta Kalamitsi Camping In Halkidiki, Northern Greece, is located at the peninsula of Sithonia, one of the very few regions that are “rescued” from urban growth and is being protected from “NATURA 2000” for its unique beauty. Pinewoods, untouched by man, a sea with numerous coasts and unique sands, make Sithonia a land of paradise. “Kalamitsi Thalatta Camp” tries to cover all the needs of alternative tourism from constant lodging till small tents.
It belongs to the highest category that exists in Greece, in cat A and aspires to claim from the European Union the discrimination of 4 stars. In an environment with rich vegetation, under the shade of trees, campers have the possibility to choose their own camping means, or choose among those which are offered from Kalamitsi Thalatta Camping, and these are tents, caravans, mobile homes and bungalows.


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