Sun Wind Windsurfing In Paros, Cyclades Islands

Sun Wind Surf Club, located at the heart of Golden Beach, Paros Island Greece, is a haven for windsurfing enthusiasts. With wind speeds ranging from 4 to 6 Bft in Paros Island, Greece, advanced windsurfers would surely get an unforgettable experience windsurfing in Paros. For the beginners, you can learn windsurfing by enrolling in one of the lessons at Sun Wind Surf Club. You can rent windsurfing equipment, wetsuit, harness and harness lines at Sun Wind Surf Club. And if you are not keen on the thrills of windsurfing, you can go for sea kayaking, and water skiing at Sun Wind. Or, you may prefer to just stay on the beach for a frolic in the sun, or play beach volleyball with your buddies. Booking at Sun Wind Surf Club is easy; all you have to do is to fill out the Booking Inquiry Form in our website. Rates are dependent on the duration and season of your stay.


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