Stay Wet Diving Ceter in Mononaftis, Crete

Stay Wet Diving Center is situated in Mononaftis Bay, Crete. Here, and in the surrounding areas, you will find a variety of excellent dive sites with warm and crystal clear water. You will be charmed by the silent and peaceful inhabitants of the southern Mediterranean Sea with it’s rocky or sandy landscapes. Groupers, starfish, colorful sponges, octopus, moray eels etc. can be seen during your trip under water. Occasionally dolphins, small stingrays, barracudas and seahorses will join you. The underwater world of Crete is rich of slopes, caves, cliffs and offers a wide range of spectacular dive sites for divers of all levels. If you have a diving license (BSAC, PADI, NAUI, CMAS, etc.) we offer you various interesting and exciting dives in the North of the island. We also offer a ” discover scuba diving” course. If you are over the age of 12 and without any diving knowledge, this program offers you the great opportunity to experience fun and excitement of diving.


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