Spilia Studios traditional houses in Chios Greece

Spilia Studios traditional houses in Chios Greece form a complex of four traditional houses in the village of Kardamyla on the island of Chios, which can accommodate at least twelve people. In addition to a magnificent view, their location at the highest point of the settlement offers excellent conditions for concentration and solitude. The small houses offer all modern facilities for a comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable stay both in winter and summer. For many years now, Spilia has been an abandoned settlement. That’s why it preserves unaltered the wonderful elements of authentic folk architecture. There are buildings of the 16th and 17th century, when the fortress-like structure of the village was abandoned. From up here, there is a magnificent view of the harbour and the sea. You can see the river with the windmills or face with awe the majesty of the surrounding mountains which surround the area. Spilia Studios are ideal to stay and enjoy the calm island of Chios.

Website: http://www.spilia-chios.gr

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