Skiathos Horse Riding Center In Skiathos, Sporades Islands

Skiathos Horse Riding Center in Skiathos, Sporades Islands, is located at the south west part of Skiathos island, which is famous for the beautiful beaches and the fantastic green woods, especially in the Mandraki area. With our well trained horses – nine at the moment – everybody has the chance to have a lovely experience and explore the beautiful island of Skiathos. Our nine horses are all born at the Skiathos Riding Center and they live all year through together in a group as family and outside in the fields, except during the hard winter days, when they go back to the stable area. We ride in small groups – four to five horses plus one guide – and offer various horse riding tours for children and adults. For infants and children we offer donkey rides on our donkey “Rosie”, a mini pet zoo and a playground area.


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