Semiramis Hotel in Athens

Hotel Semiramis in Athens Greece is the first hotel project undertaken by Karim Rashid and is a fusion of Rashid΄ influence and owner Dakis Joannou΄ vision and dedication to the modern art world. Mr. Joannou commissioned Karim Rashid to create a hotel that will offer more than extra bed space in Athens. The 52 roomed Semiramis is an intimate hotel combining art with bricks and mortar and focusing on positive energy, heightened experiences, culture, art, and design. Located in the affluent and leafy suburb of Kifissia, Semiramis is in the heart of evolving Athens, surrounded by high-end boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Set 340 meters above sea level, the hotel offers an oasis from the humidity of central Athens. Comfort and functionality rank high in the design brief and the hotel will offer the complete gamut of services including swimming pool, gym and hamam. Whatever your reason for being in Athens, Hotel Semiramis will ensure it is a memorable visit.


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