Rancho Horseriding in Kilkis Northern Greece

Rancho Horse riding In Kilkis Northern Greece has a philosophy which treats horses and humans alike so that when you come to us you experience a natural kinship with the animals. We have a range of programmes for riders of all ages and abilities so you can spend a whole day here or just come to take the horses for a walk in the surrounding area. Rancho horse riding offers classes for beginners on the Ranch or the horses are available for more experienced riders to ride either on or off the Ranch. We cater for groups or individuals and will be happy to welcome you to Rancho. In keeping with our philosophy, we offer special facilities for children and adults with special needs. It has been proven that contact with horses is particularly beneficial to this group and we welcome schools to contact us. Rancho horse riding offers a home to our animals and would like to share our philosophy with other people who enjoy horse riding and nature in Greece.

Website: http://www.rancho.gr

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