Pezi – Humber Windsurfing In Mykonos, Cyclades Islands

Pezi – Humber Windsurfing In Mykonos, Cyclades Islands, is in the middle of Kalafati Bay, directly on the sandy beach and 10 meters from the sea. From Mykonos town center you can reach the wave spot in 8 minutes. In the morning the wind isn’t very strong (2-5 Bft) – so good for beginners windsurfers or advanced surfers. From midday onwards the ‘Meltemi’ wind becomes strong (5-7 Bft) and the surfers are able to do good jibe-training on the smooth water. During this 2-hour trip one instructor accompanies the group. The rescue boat of our windsurfing center (Zodiac 480, 50 PS) is there to help if someone is in trouble.


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