Ostria Studios and Apartments in Lesvos

Ostria Studios and Apartments in Lesvos, Greece are built only few a meters away from the beautiful beach of Vatera and promises the best for carefree days of relaxation and unique vacation. The complex consists of 4 studios and 2 apartments fully equipped for a comfortable stay. The fantastic view to sea and unique sunsets offers the best presuppositions for unforgettable holidays and memories. The unspoilt ecological balance of the island of Lesvos, the deep sense of religion and warm nature of the locals combined with the unique location of the Ostria studios and apartments at the biggest beach and its romantic surroundings, contribute to making your stay on the island of Sappho, Theophilos and Elyti the great novelist, a most pleasant and peaceful one.

Website: http://www.ostria-vatera.gr

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