Octopus Sea Trips Diving In Paros, Greece

Octopus Sea Trips Diving Center is located in Paros, Greece. Our diving Center offers programs for everyone interested in the history, culture and marine environment of the Aegean Sea. Certified divers are introduced to the Aegean Sea ecosystems and natural heritage by experienced marine scientists, archaeologists and naturalists, visiting wrecks, caves and areas of ecological interest in Paros. Kids can attend the junior open water diver course and learn the diving skills needed to move safely and comfortably underwater.
They will be able to explore marine and cultural treasures of the Aegean Sea to a maximum depth of 12 m. Snorkelling and free diving during day or night can be a lot of fun. We also organize sea excursions to the beaches on the islands close to Paros.

Website: http://www.octopuseatrips.com

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