North Apartments in Kefalonia

North Apartments in Kefalonia, Greece have recently been built at one of the highest points of Assos. The complex consists of 3 two-storey, fully furnished homes with a view of the sea and the village of Assos, each with a different decor and colour. They are ideal for giving the visitor the feeling of something different when he wishes to be offered hospitality once again. What is special about our houses is the different levels within the homes which invite comfort and warm, friendly surroundings. The living area can offer hospitality for up to 3 people on the built in sofa beds opposite the classical Kefalonian open fireplace. There is a fully equipped kitchen where all the family can dine. A traditional wooden staircase leads to the rustic style bedroom with an iron double bed. North apartments are able to offer hospitality for up to 4 people in each home. Here they can enjoy the comfort of the warm and friendly surroundings for an unforgettable stay in an unforgettable place.


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