Naxos Camping In Naxos, Cyclades Islands

Naxos Camping In Naxos, Cyclades Islands, was established in 1981, and it is the first camping ground in Naxos island. Naxos Camping is located in the middle of the coastal road from Naxos Town to Agios Prokopios summer resort. That location makes the Naxos Camping an ideal starting point for navigating the whole island. From the Naxos Camping site you have the easiest access to the best beaches on the island. Just in front of Naxos Camping, you will find a unique combination of wave venue and waist deep lagoon, as well as reliable onshore wind, ideal for windsurfing and sea sports. Except the ordinary facilities (bar, restaurant, mini-market etc ) in Naxos Camping you can find a Jacuzzi for free use.


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