Mykonos Diving Center Diving In Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Diving Center is located in Psarou, Mykonos, Greece. We provide quality diving eequipment, as well as underwater cameras and videos. Our trainers are among the most experienced ones. Mykonos Diving Center is certified by international diving organizations of CMAS and PADI while it holds an official operation permit as diving school and center. Mykonos waters are safe ad have many ship wrecks and rich marine life. Our diving center offers many diving courses: certificates for novice divers, certificates for specialized autonomous diving for advanced amateur divers, lifeguard certificates and first aid certificate. We also offer experience dives for those who wish to have the first contact with scuba diving, refresh dives for certified amateur divers who have not dived for more than 6 months and swimming and free diving/snorkelling courses that are really easy and are ideal for kids, that will have a lot of fun. Our diving sites in Mykonos are carefully chosen for exciting dives.


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