Melidron Hotel and Apartments in Kefalonia

Melidron Hotel and Apartments in Kefalonia, Greece overlook the turquoise blue of the Ionian Sea just 100 m from the gorgeous beach of Scala. The Melidron Hotel and apartments have 8 suites and 16 studios each one elegantly decorated in its own special colours and motifs, in an impressive complex of buildings based on Ionian architecture and promising unforgettable summer holidays. All have fully equipped kitchens, en suite bathrooms and air conditioning. Its particular position at the edge of the village offers guests the peace of the countryside whilst at the same time having easy access to the centre of Scala. Melidron’s construction was guided by a sense of aesthetics, harmoniously fitting with the island΄ environment but also concerned to ensure high standards of service, lavish amenities and extra hospitality. The fact that every guest who goes away remains Melidron’s friend for ever proves the excellence and pleasure that they enjoy from the hotel΄ services in Kefalonia.


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