Marilia Apartments traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Marilia Apartments traditional houses in Macedonia Greece consists of ten apartments in traditional style providing comfortable accommodation in hospitable company in Volakas village, near Drama. The owners, polite and friendly, are at your disposal any time to make you feel the warmth of people who live in Drama, providing you with all the comforts you need. We consider that relaxation is import and encourage you to enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the lounge fireplace by watching TV, read a book or play board games. The breakfast we offer you is luxuriant and tasteful, providing you with the energy needed to start your day properly. Enjoy the special ski-resort of Falakro mountain with 25 natural slopes and good snow during the winter days. Paradise waits for you and promises unique moments of relaxation and unforgettable experiences, every season of the year and Marilia Apartments provides the perfect place to stay in northern Greece.


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