Livadaki traditional houses in Fthiotis Central Greece

Livadaki traditional houses in Fthiotis Central Greece is a traditional forest village situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Velouchi. There are 20 houses in the village furnished to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Livadaki is situated in an area where nature has extraordinary interchanges and remarkable beauty. The setting is full of greenery, fir trees, chestnut trees and other species of Greek flora. It is also an area with rich historical tradition, archeological sights, and pilgrimages. Open all year round, there is always plenty to see and do whether you want to talk a nature walk in the nearby forests or travel further to some of the local villages and churches.
Visitors will find everywhere the hospitality of the dwellers and local pure products, like tsipouro spirit, walnuts, honey and aromatic plants. But mainly they will get to know the wonderful natural landscape of Livadaki in west Fthiotis, the peace and calmness, of which we are all so in need of nowadays.


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