Lesvos Scuba Diving Oceanic Center Diving In Lesvos, Greece

Lesvos Scuba Diving Oceanic Center Diving In Lesvos, Greece is operating from Haramida beach in Lesvos and Cavos Beach Club in Petra, Lesvos, Greece. Our diving instructors are qualified and officially recognized by the Greek Government and PADI – CMAS. Our training programs are supported and recognized by PADI and every prospective diver can be trained with the most up to date methods. Our diving equipment is all new and of best quality. We offer beginners courses: discover scuba diving, open water diver course and qualified diver’ courses: adventures in diving(night dive,deep dive etc.), advanced open water course, emergency first response, rescue diver course and dive master. A medical certificate of good health is needed to be able to dive. Camera and video equipment is available for hire. Photos and a video can be taken at a small charge. Lesvos underwater is rich with a large variety of marine life including sea plants, corals and fish.

Website: http://www.lesvoscuba.gr

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