Koryschades Village traditional houses in central Greece

Koryschades Village traditional houses in central Greece situated just 4 kms from Karpenissi, capital of Evrytania region, providing a comfortable getaway from the stress of city-life. The settlement consists of 6 independent stone mansions and one central domicile featuring a total accommodation capacity of 90 beds. All mansions feature a private garden and offer a breathtaking view to the fir tree forest. Also available is a warm-water pool which serves as a relaxing point for our guests. Each room has its distinct personal character and is traditionally furnished, providing all modern comforts. Furthermore, in the warm and hospital surrounding of Koryschades Village our guests can savour the specialties and recipes of our traditional cuisine. Outdoor activities include skiing, rafting, horse riding, walking and mountain biking in the fir tree forest of Koryschades, trekking, archery and much more. Koryschades Village offers a comprehensive centre for an enjoyable holiday in Greece.

Website: http://www.korys.gr/

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