Kefalos Windsurfing In Kos, Dodecanese

Kefalos Windsurfing In Kos, Dodecanese, is a windsurfing center which has been at Kefalos Bay for more than 16 years. The sailing area really is one of the best you will find in Kos. The large expanse of crystal clear warm water is uncrowded, with a huge reach end to end. Flat water – perfect long runs for blasting and gybing undisturbed. There is something for all level of windsurfer here – from those new to the sport right up to the more advanced freestylers and free riders. The wind in the Bay blows cross-off from the right. The day starts with light winds ensuring ideal flat water conditions for our beginners and light wind free stylers. As the wind increases throughout the day the intermediates and advanced get their fix while the beginners and non-windsurfers alike can kick back on the beach and watch the action.


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