Katohora traditional houses in central Greece

Xenios traditional houses in central Greece is a complex of wooden houses located in Kato Hora at the highlands of Nafpaktos, surrounded by a nature of unique beauty, offering luxurious tenements, gastronomic pleasure and total relaxation. The owners of the complex combined the natural luxury with 13 Finnish chalets, 7 twin-bed rooms combining successfully the country style with Italian minimalist finesse. The high class apartments have bathroom, heating, satellite TV, and a sitting room with veranda. The stone paved common grounds with the traditional decoration, the large windows and the porches offer an abundant view of Pindos ridges. The food is produced with products wholly from the local producers and the family vegetable garden and offer a gastronomic experience. The savoir vivre of the Xenios complex is ruled by a principle of total relaxation and body & spirit revitalization as a result from the contact with nature. Try the experience for yourself at Xenios in Kato Hora.

Website: http://www.xenios-katohora.gr

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