Hotel Ignatia in Nafplio

Hotel Ignatia in Nafplio is just 5km from the picturesque town of Nafplio, the first capital of Greece in the Peloponnese area. Ignatia Hotel is situated on the coastal road 20m from the sea. With a 30-year tradition in hospitality, Ignatia Hotel is the ideal place to stay when visiting Nafplio for business or for pleasure. Our aim is to satisfy the needs and demands of all visitors offering an exemplary hospitality. The hotel has 2 double room for up to 3 people and 2 family room for up to 4 people. Stay at our elegant hotel with spectacular views to the city of Nafplio! Enjoy moments of pleasure and relax in the arms of the Argolic Gulf. Our main goal is to make your stay at our hotel in Nafplio unforgettable.


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