Hotel Agios Germanos traditional houses in Macedonia Greece

Hotel Agios Germanos traditional houses in Macedonia Greece is located in the village of Agios Germanos, in Prespes. Our 10 rooms are located in two adjoining renovated buildings, which have preserved traditional architecture and furnishings and all feature a private bath, central heating with individual heat control. The majority also have a fireplace. In the courtyard, there is a third building which is used as a reception area, living room and cafe. Located on a hillside of the Varnoundas mountains, the hotel is near the Prespes lakes. Agios Germanos, apart from being a well preserved village, also has a wonderful forest ideal for walks, mountain climbing (path E6), cycling, hiking. If you are lucky you might see wild horses or the rare brown bear. In summer you can enjoy swimming in the lake or canoeing and fishing. In winter you can ski in the Vigla-Pissoderio ski resort. Hotel Agios Germanos is perfect for a holiday any time of year, no matter what activities you prefer.


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