Hostel Alexandros traditional houses in Macedonia

Hostel Alexandros traditional houses in Macedonia Greece is a newly built hostel with traditional style architecture located in the village Nestorio in Kastoria. The hostel has four rooms and with a total capacity of 12 beds. The rooms are furnished in rustic style with the accent on spaciousness, comfort and cleanness. Room service is available. The ground floor of building comprises a Reception area, living room, bar and restaurant. Outside the building is surrounded by wide shade to give visitors the possibility of enjoying summer afternoons in the beautiful garden with plenty of flowers full of colours and smells. The hostel can arrange jeep trips for you to see closely many of the well known beauties of Mount Grammos including lake Gistova and many other natural and man-made things of beauty. Hostel Alexandros will provide comfortable surroundings for a wonderful holiday in northern Greece.


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