Gera’s Olive Grove traditional houses in Lesbos Greece

Gera’s Olive Grove traditional houses in Lesvos Greece is a family run lodge, in the idyllic Gulf of Gera. Gera’s Olive Grove is a group of unique self-catering guesthouses that cleverly combine rural charm and discreet elegance with contemporary luxury.The specific site has been chosen to fulfil the owners vision to raise public awareness of the natural, cultural and economic values of the specific destination’s wetland and terrestrial system. Lesvos has long been a leader in ecotourism activities such as visiting wet-lands for bird-watching or dry meadows for herb collection but the island also offers the opportunity to explore geographical sites such as the fossilized forest, agrotourism, cultural, therapeutic, gastronomic, religious and sport activities. For those who love nature and the natural environment Lesvos is a wonderful place and Gera΄ Olive Grove lodges offer the perfect accommodation to experience all or any of these activities on this beautiful island of Lesvos.


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