F-Zein Outdoor Multi – Activities In Evrytania, Northern Greece

F-Zein Outdoor Activities in Evrytania, Northern Greece, is owned by Nikos Zarmakoupis, owner of a sports center and outdoor activities instructor, gorge guide and river guide; a man with many years experience in the field of alternative tourism. All the company’s guides are highly skilled and have considerable experience with outdoor activities. Efzein is there for you, offering unique outdoor activities and adventure trips: rafting, canyoning, trekking, 4×4 jeep, paint ball, orienteering, kayaking, skiing and mountain biking in northern Greece. With a 10-year successful record in the field of outdoor activities tourism and thousands of enthusiastic customers, F- Zein has now extended its outdoor activities tours to the corporate sector organizing corporate meetings and events away from large cities combining them with parallel activities, team action and adventure games.

Website: http://www.fzein-evryt.gr

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