Enagron ecotourism in Crete Greece

Enagron ecotourism in Crete Greece began in a ranch near the village of Axos and a dream to get closer to nature. We built traditional style houses in natural materials with their own space and created areas for relaxation and recreational activities. In addition to accommodation we provided units for traditional arts, rough paths for walks in the breathtaking countryside, an organic farm (that provide us with milk, eggs, meat), a banquet room for recreational events, exhibitions and conferences, and a swimming pool. All the buildings and establishments are built in such a way that they create the impression that they are an integral part of nature. The area is surrounded by olive trees, fruit-bearing trees, crofts and gardens, and numerous species of the wild, natural Cretan flora. There are numerous activities in the area of, if you prefer, you can learn traditional Cretan crafts on the farm. We can cater for large groups or single people wanting to get closer to nature in Crete

Website: http://www.enagron.gr/

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