Eco tourism In Kerkini lake, Northern Greece

Oikoperiigitis Environmental Center eco-tourism in Kerkini lake in Northern Greece develops environmental training programmes for schools and other associations as well as environmental eco tourism and agro tourism excursions for individuals and companies. Oikoperiigitis has developed a large variey of activities in the wider region of Kerkini combining environmental sensitization with other recreations such as road tours, lake tours by boat and bike excursions. After an arduous day spent wondering around the lake and the mountains, a very beautiful place awaits you to rest, sleep and recover your strength. Delicious food, cooked in the oven and the fireplaces of a separate special room, is ready for you. We have 26 rooms to choose from, one-room apartments and two-room apartments, whose main characteristics are their layout of curved Stone and timber together with a hot fireplace. Oikoperiigitis ensures that you enjoy and learn about the natural environment in an eco-friendly manner


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