Driades traditional houses in Karditsa Central Greece

Driades traditional houses in Karditsa central Greece is a forest village situated at the southeastern slopes of Mount Pindos, at the Stavros-Palaiohori. It was built by the Forest Inspection Authority of Karditsa in 1998-2000 and contains 20 wooden home settlements, appropriately equipped to ensure a comfortable residence, a restaurant, athletic fields, large volleyball and basketball courts, as well as three car parks.
The area is wooded by huge firs and oak trees, a scenery of a unique natural beauty, and an amazing succession of all kinds of Greek flora. The location of this forest village can be used as a base for a visit to the beautiful picturesque villages of Agrafa and of Neuropolis, rich in historical tradition, to archeological sights, and to historical and religious places with rare religious treasures. Driades has something to please everyone and offers comfortable accommodation for a pleasant, peaceful stay in this lovely part of central Greece.

Website: http://www.minagric.gr/en/agro_pol/dryades_en.htm

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